3 Types Of Driveway Surfacing For Your Home Or Business

Are you thinking of installing a new driveway for your home or company in the county of Kent? Then, A & A Construction Surfacing is your top-notch company to give you a long-lasting driveway.

Here is a summary of the top three driveway surfaces to determine which is best suited to your needs and everyday usage.

Driveway with block paving

Block paving, also known as brick pavement, is very prevalent in kent county and its surrounding. It is used by residential property owners who want to provide a functional and aesthetic finish outside their homes. Typically constructed of clay or concrete brick blocks, you can select the most appropriate brick appearance for your taste and requirements.


The brick can be purchased in various colours and materials, and you can also select the size you need. However, it is advisable to consult with a member of our skilled A & A Construction Surfacing team to obtain their opinion and recommendations before beginning the job. We ensure that the desired design is 100 %  attainable with a different sized brick than what is already in use.

Driveways with tarmac surfacing.

Are you thinking about installing a tarmac driveway in Kent county but aren't sure if it would complement the design and character of your home? Do not worry. Over the years, we have constructed a lot of tarmac driveways for residential houses. So, we are very much available to give you a durable tarmac surfacing.


Due to their weather-resistant properties, tarmac driveways are spotless and long-lasting driveway surfaces that will keep your home's exterior looking sophisticated for years to come. Furthermore, tarmac driveways are often far less expensive than block paved driveways because they are more quickly and efficiently installed. Overall, tarmac is an excellent choice if you want a long-lasting driveway that requires little care.

Driveways with resin-bound surfacing

It's no surprise that resin-bound surfacing has grown in popularity over the past several years. In addition to having comparable attributes to both block pavers and tarmac driveways, a resin-bound driveway gives a lot of options for picking your driveway design and style.


The fundamental advantage of a resin-bound surfacing is that it is porous - meaning that it can help collect wastewaters.

During ice circumstances, any water that collects on the outer part of the resin medium will ooze down into it, reducing the chance of standing water and slipping. This is especially true for materials with a high grip level underfoot.

Choose A & A Construction Surfacing for Your Kent County Driveway Surfacing Requirements.

Why not have a word with one of our friendly and knowledgeable team members at A & A Construction Surfacing today about ensuring that your new driveway looks lovely throughout the year and for years to come. In our many years in the business, we have done hundreds of driveway surfacing jobs in Kent County. We are well-versed in the most acceptable materials and surfaces to use for your driveway.

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